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Computer monitoring software, which offers excellent tracking feature for Android phones and iPhones, is now proud to present you a new version of Computer monitoring spftware with number one features, yes, now the version for computers and macs is finally available to its users. 

computer monitoring

As you know, there is no other tracking software in the world that offers as much features as this tracking software, and the PC Tracking version that it has been working on for a long time in order to offer this quality to its users in computer tracking is now ready to use. you will be able to instantly learn and see everything that is happening on your computer at the moment.

Well, what features and possibilities PC monitoring app offers you in computer monitoring, let’s briefly examine it with its main headings.

You can see all the keys pressed.

Take screenshots at set intervals.

Instant messaging recordings such as Skype.

IM chat application records running in Web browser such as Whatsapp & Facebook.

Detailed file transfer records.

Ability to view webemail records by taking screenshots.

Seeing details when a device is plugged into the USB port.

With which user they log in and out.

Added addresses to favorites and web browser history.

And more than 40 spy features like this one that competitors couldn’t offer!
With all these excellent features, you will not be left behind with Flexispy, which once again proves that it is a worldwide leader in the sector.

Top Computer Monitoring Software

The online world has become a very dangerous place these days, especially for growing children. And of course, there are employees who waste your time and money by spending hours on social media and other websites. We have compiled the 3 best computer monitoring software and their details for you. These applications are both easy and very effective and can be easily found in the market with reasonable prices.

Best 3 PC Monitoring Software

Whether you are a worried parent who wants to monitor your children’s online activities, or an employer who wants to increase the productivity of your employees, you can find many different computer monitoring software that will allow you to control the activities of your employees or children.

With today’s computers, you can bring the whole world to your desk. But such freedom also puts a burden on all computer users. This is where computer monitoring software comes into play. This type of computer software becomes a necessity to prevent your family or business from being misled.

Pornography, cyberbullying and many different online violence content are rife in the internet world. However, you can use different and effective computer monitoring software to protect your family from such unwanted situations.

We spent many hours testing software currently available on the market, evaluating the features these apps offer, observing the blocking and monitoring features, which offer features for post-review, and which alert you when your child is in danger.

After all our research and testing, we decided that number1 Personal Monitoring software is the best, followed by number 2 and number 3. We have listed a detailed review and features of these software for you.

Although designed specifically for children, Number 1 Sowtware is great software for people who want to monitor someone’s computer. It is a fact that children nowadays love to text and play online! But how much of a run does these games run? Or what is the best way to monitor your children’s online activities?

This is where Number 1 Sowtware Personal Monitoring software comes into play, with which you can constantly monitor your children’s online activities.

Number 1 Sowtware Personal Monitor does a great job of recording all the online activities of the user. The software records all messages typed, all keys pressed, sites visited and all browser software.

The software also records the applications used on the computer and the amount of time spent in these applications. VOIP and Skype conversations are also recorded, which helps you monitor your kids. In addition, by using personal word locks, you can use a system where you can get an alarm when you think your children are in danger.

Let’s take a look at the main features of Number 1 Sowtware Personal Monitoring software

Web History Log – This software records the user’s browser history and these logs are accessible to you even if the user deletes them. With this web history reporting feature, you can be accessed whenever you want. All relevant information is saved, including page names and URLs of sites and timestamps.

Key Input Log

 Once successfully installed on the target computer, Number 1 Sowtware Personal Monitoring software records all keystrokes, thus working as a keylogger. Thanks to this feature, you can access all keyboard information, user names, passwords, dialed calls and e-mails on your child’s and employee’s computer.

Screenshot History

 Number 1 Sowtware software allows you to take color screenshots of the target computer at different times. The application also records what the user has written, providing you with additional evidence. Employees and children are often swept away and spend a lot of time online, so active monitoring becomes important in such situations. Using the screenshot history you can always have proof and show certain employees that they are wasting the company’s time. This software also uses multiple monitoring configurations.

E-mail Reporting

 You do not need to have physical access to the target computer to browse the logs. All these records are sent to you by e-mail, so you can access the records from anywhere.

Monitor Instant Messaging

 As Number 1 Sowtware is compatible with many major instant messaging apps currently on the market, eg Hangouts, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook Messenger, MSN, ICQ, Skype AIM etc. Thanks to this software, you can read all messages sent and received on these platforms.

Reports and Setup

 You can create different controls for computer monitoring, enable or disable some monitoring features, filter logs, generate reports and alarm words. Number 1 Sowtware comes with its own features selected, but you can adjust these options according to you.

File and Application Monitoring

 Number 1 Sowtware actively monitors the programs used on the target computer. In this way, you can monitor whether your child is playing games when he is supposed to do homework or whether your employee is killing time online. In addition, all changes made to the files are saved by the software. In this way, you can see if your employee has made changes to private company files.

Password Protection and Incognito Mode 

Number 1 Sowtware works on the target device in a completely off-the-radar state, completely invisible, and this does not change even if the user is a computer expert. It does not appear in any program or control panel. When you want to access the program, you can view it with a specific command or password. You can also protect the Number 1 Sowtware software with a password and make sure that the user does not delete the records.

Easy Installation 

Number 1 Sowtware Personal Monitoring software is designed for installation without the need for any technical assistance. Anyone in your family can download and install this app, even old people who don’t know much about technology can use it easily.

Pricing Details

You can purchase Number 1 Sowtware Personal Monitoring software for both windows computer and Mac. The fees are as follows:

Computer Monitoring for Families

If you are a family with children and their children use computers, you need this software. With computer tracking software, you can discover what your kids are really doing at the computer. From the programs used to the websites they visit, from e-mails to chat records, you have all the control.

Computer Monitoring for Companies

If you want to control what your employees are doing with company computers in your company, you need this program. While using the computer, you can see the keystrokes pressed, the websites entered, where the important files of the company are transferred, internet and network traffic, briefly all computer activities..

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